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2014 - 2015 Work 

 I spent the first 22 years of my life in various parts of Australia. Born to immigrant parents - an Irish father and an Anglo-Indian mother, a mixed cultural heritage in a diverse cultural country has provided a rich source of inspiration and experiences expressed in my work today. From the vibrant colors of the Outback where I spent time as a child, to the clash of color of cultures and gender that is expressed as so often a by-product of diversity.


A graduate from USC with a Master's in Social Work, mybi-cultural background in addition to my experiences in the field and education as a social worker - lend to the socially aware pieces in my latest work.


My work is diverse - from socially aware to playful. Throughout my studies, painting has been my self-care. What is consistent, is a strong use of color evident as a voice throughout my work.


Please contact me directly for pricing of currently listed original work. 

2012 - 2013 Gallery Exhibited & Sold

Illusion by Angelina D'Arcy Illusion - Artwork and Poem



You could sweep me away in an instant…

Tear me away from this world I imagine I control

Your sheer magnificence and power reminds me just how vulnerable I am –

How fragile this human existence…

And control is but an illusion.

                                               Angelina D’Arcy

Storm by Angelina D'Arcy Storm - Artwork and Poem - SOLD



I watched in fascination as your mood began to change

The wind whipping you into a frenzy – thrashing defiantly

Swelling and heaving against the unrelenting storm

Neither one of you yielding –

Exhausting yourselves upon one another….


Angelina D’Arcy


Storm 1 by Angelina D'Arcy Storm 1 - Artwork and Poem - SOLD

Storm 1


Heaving against the night sky

Almost breathing…

Exhaling a deep defiant breath against the wind

A turbulent surface…

Protecting the vulnerable depths below


Angelina D’Arcy

War by Angelina D'Arcy War - Artwork and Poem



I will stand

Against those whose

power and greed blind their humanity

I will stand

For the man, the woman, the child

Who cannot stand alone


And I will fight for freedom

In my conviction I will swell with pride

And the world will see that I am a hero…



Never mind the power and greed that blinds my humanity…

For my wars fight for the man, the woman, and the child

Who cannot stand alone…


I am justified…


Angelina D’Arcy

Angelina Fine Art

Angelina D'Arcy