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$38 per person (a $60 value!)

painting classes

Classes are ramping up in April 2014!! Check out the calendar! I look forward to seeing you in a workshop soon. Thank you for your patience this last month as I slowed down a little to get through my graduate program - I am almost done, the pressure is easing and classes are ramping up again. Check it out!

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Whether taking a more instructed class or choosing a class that loosens up your creativity you can be sure you will create a painting that you will be proud to take home over a glass of wine if you choose during an adult workshop with a friend or up to a group of 8 other individuals.


Team building corporate events, bachelorette parties, girls night out or host a painting party! Contact Angelina to coordinate your event.


In the creative inspiration of a gallery, there is art on the walls to inspire even the novice painter along with the encouragement of friendly artist and instructor Angelina!


Individual lessons available (package discounts applied for pre-paid classes of 4+ classes) Ask Angelina

Art Class Promo
38.00 USD
Art Class Promo
38.00 USD

Art Class Promo

$38 workshop ($60 value)
*valid 90 days from purchase.

$38 workshop ($60 value)
*valid 90 days from purchase.


(Supplies & canvas included)

Painting Between the Trees: Brand NEW Class!! A landscape inspired painting using simple lines and color creating a spring forest scene. Acrylic - all supplies including a 16 x 20 canvas included.

Click here to book Sat 3/30 at 1:00 PM

Click here to book Sat 4/12 at 2:00 PM

Paint A Wave Workshop

Using A paper towel, rags, and sponges (much like the Anything But the Paintbrush Workshop) in this workshop create a wave that is easier than it looks! Waves are a challenge to paint, but in this workshop, learn the secret to creating that look of a crash and splash on canvas.

Click here to book Sun 3/29 at 4:00 PM

pier painting

Paint the Pier Workshop

Paint the Manhattan Beach Pier in this step-by-step instructed class from charcoal sketch to finished painting while sipping on a glass of your favorite wine if you please. All supplies are included. 

Click here to book Fri 4/11 at 6:30 PM              

flower painting workshop

Paint A Flower Workshop

This workshop is recommended for the beginner or for the individual who has little to no experience as this is a step-by-step instructed class from charcoal sketch to finished painting of the Georgia O'Keeffe Poppy or featured flower. All supplies included and wine sipping while painting is welcomed!

Click here to book Sat 4/13 at 11:00 AM

no paintbrush workshop

Anything But A Paintbrush Workshop

Using rags, paper towels, sponges, and other materials - loosen up your painting experience using tools and materials that are anything but a paintbrush on your canvas as you stretch your creativity in this fun workshop. All materials included. BYOB.  

Click here to book Sat 4/12 at 11:00 AM

Abstract Worskhop: Be inspired by modern abstract artists in this 2 hour workshops where you can take their ideas and make them your own! All supplies including a 16x20 inch canvas are included in this 2 hour workshop.


Click here to book Sun 4/27 at 11:00 AM

painting workshop

Inspired By You Workshop

Bring along a reference picture of your choice to paint or request a featured painting in the 2-hour workshop and Angelina will offer guidance and supplies to help you create a piece you can be proud of. BYOB and all supplies included.

Click here to book Sun 4/6 at 2:00 PM 

painting classes




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